Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Magic Moments Happen at the Tennessee Aquarium Every Day

Pictures can sometimes really lift your spirits and we're so glad that a Cookeville, TN family chose to share a couple of their pictures and story with everyone. The top one shows volunteer diver Fernando Ribeiro creating a magic moment for four-year-old visitor Shaylynn. The second picture needs no explanation, but we'd like to say that Shaylynn's smile is contagious. Here's what Shaylynn's mom Bobbie had to say about their visit to the Tennessee Aquarium:
"We came from Cookeville Tn. Our Daughter Shaylynn just turned 4 in April and has been enjoying underwater life through her books and Disney movies. We decided it was time to expand her imagination to reality. We had been there already for about 2 hours or so and she was just totally fascinated with the fish and sharks. She became very excited to see a real scuba diver with the fish. This was a wonderful experience for her just as much as seeing the underwater life. The concept for children of a scuba diver is just something a child/person can imagine underwater unless you actually do it. This was just WONDERFUL.To see it as if you were in the ocean/water. The scuba divers were wonderful to the people watching. This scuba diver was so sweet towards my daughter. He showed her he was cleaning the tank as she stood there watching and then took the time to pay attention to her. As she waved he reached his hand out on the tank glass and she just naturally put hers on his and kept it there. It was almost like it was set up. :-) We never told her to do that either. The people around us were enjoying the view just as much as we were. All the employees at this Aquarium were all so generously nice and helpful. This was a wonderful experience for us. I hadn't been here for 9 yrs and my husband hadn't been there since he was a young boy. He is now telling his friends at work about his experience and suggesting they too should take his family if they haven't already. I felt something very moving with this moment and captured it on photo. I have shown it to family and friends through email and have received some great comments and that's why I thought I would just share it with you and tell you THANK YOU.. Maybe the scuba diver will get the message and that he wasn't just "Cleaning the tank." Thank you again!!!!!!"

Bobbie - Cookeville, TN
Thanks Bobbie for sharing your story with everyone and putting a smile on our faces at the same time.
The summer fun continues........