Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Five Reasons to Visit Labor Day Weekend

Everyone should be pumped up! Chattanooga's weather is forecast to be absolutely gorgeous for Labor Day weekend and there are soooooooooooo many reasons to visit and hang out. Here are five in and around the Tennessee Aquarium.

#1 - Magic Moments & Family Fun

A family from North Georgia just sent this fantastic shot to us to share with everyone. Little Ella celebrated her first birthday at the Aquarium. Here's what Ella's mom Crystal had to say about their visit: "We (mom and dad) have been to the Tennessee Aquarium many times, but she turned 1 that day, so we decided to take her. We bought the yearly membership, so we will be returning lots in the future. We had stopped for a snack break and were sitting in the floor letting her drink and eat for a second when she walked over to the glass and pressed her nose against the glass. I thought it was too cute how much she loved it! Thanks again!"
What a fun photograph....I'm sure you'll have many more in the future. Bring your digital camera with fresh batteries and a big memory card and you'll be ready to capture those magic moments of family fun too!

#2 Animal Encounters & New Backstage Pass

Educator Thaddeus Taylor introduced me to a diamondback terrapin. This handsome guy in one of dozens of education outreach animals that visit schools, make appearances in distance learning programs and meet Aquarium visitors during Animal Encounter programs. You could get an up close view of a speckled turtle, talkative parrot or furry woodchuck on your next visit.

Check out the New Backstage Passes to go behind the scenes to get access to "keepers only" areas of the Aquarium like the observation catwalk above Penguins' Rock. You might enjoy watching the gentoo penguin baby from this vantage point.


The Aquarium's own Matt Downer and the New Binkley Brothers will be opening Nightfall for the Carolina Chocolate Drops Friday evening. This will be an awesome free concert at Miller Plaza in Downtown Chattanooga.

Saturday's River Market features some great free music on the Aquarium Plaza.
Check out Sweet Georgia Sound from 11 am to 4:30 pm.

Then even more free music for Chattanooga's Riverfront Nights Saturday evening.

#4 Smooth Sailing in the Gorge

We saw two ospreys and more than a dozen turkeys from aboard the River Gorge Explorer the other day. Even without wildlife sightings, just cruising along enjoying the weather and the scenery was very relaxing and enjoyable. With primo weather expected this weekend, being out on the River is hard to beat.

#5 Big Thrills on the Giant Screen at IMAX

INCEPTION: I can't wait to see this one on the giant, six-story screen. It should be awesome!

Hubble 3D: This film may be the best IMAX 3D film I have ever seen. You get to know the astronauts, the film gives you the sensation of liftoff and spacewalking AND the 3D fly-throughs of Hubble Space Telescope imagery is almost beyond description. Don't miss this film while it's at IMAX.

Wild Ocean 3D: Dolphins, whales, diving birds, sharks and penguins all feasting on an amazing, swirling mass of sardines. D.J. Roller, the underwater filmmaker who captured these fantastic images says watching this film is just like being in the middle of this feeding frenzy while filming. Except that, "You don't have to worry about being hit by the diving birds that could pierce you with their beaks as they hit the water at more than 40 miles per hour."

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