Thursday, October 28, 2010

Peppy Penguin Now LOVES to Swim

Yesterday the Tennessee Aquarium's youngest gentoo was really putting on a show. This juvenile penguin was racing all over the exhibit displaying that amazing ability to reverse direction at blazing speeds. Take a look:

This isn't unusual for penguins. Visit the Tennessee Aquarium at the right time and you might see several of the gentoo or macaroni penguins racing each other. But it does seem unusual that the baby penguin that refused to go in the water for such a long time is now hard to get OUT of the water. Remember this video?

We still don't know if this juvenile bird is a male or female yet. All of the Aquarium's penguins will get physicals soon. That will be the first time a blood sample will be drawn from the newest gentoo at Penguins' Rock. A DNA sample will be sent to a lab and that's when we'll learn whether this amazing swimmer is a boy or a girl. That's also when the Tennessee Aquarium will begin another penguin naming contest. (More details ahead here, The Tennessee Aquarium's website, Facebook and on Twitter.)

Last year's chick was named "Pepper," which suited that macaroni penguin's feisty personality. After viewing the top video, maybe "Pepe" or "Peppy" would be good names. What do you think?

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