Tuesday, October 12, 2010

River Gorge Explorer Fall Color Update

Even though the area could use some rain, we have been enjoying the outstanding weather conditions lately. Warm, sunny days and cool nights are helping to set the color in the area's changing leaves. As usual, the higher elevations surrounding Chattanooga have more advanced color than valley locations. But as Tennessee Aquarium naturalist John Dever reports, the reds of autumn can be seen down to the river's edge from aboard the River Gorge Explorer. "The leaves are now turning color in the 20% range with maple red, hickory yellow and four colored sweet gum, especially along the shoreline," Dever said. Along with the increase in color, there has also been an increase in wildlife sightings. "We've been seeing Bald Eagles with greater frequency over the past several days and the Osprey are still in the Gorge as well...at least for a little while longer. Other sightings include deer, the northern flicker, many mallards and even some green winged teals."

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