Monday, November 15, 2010

American Trails Symposium in Chattanooga

There is something therapeutic about hiking. Whether you lace up your boots for a group outing with friends or enjoy a walk in the woods alone, time spent out in nature is good for the mind and body. I have enjoyed briskly stepping out along a trail in the pre-dawn darkness with a headlamp to light the way. Or returning in the same fashion after watching the sun setting over the Tennessee River Gorge. Sometimes in sweltering heat, other times in the cool air of spring or fall and occasionally in the sharp cold after a snowfall hoping to be the first boot prints on the trail. We're fortunate to live in an area that offers trails for all levels of hiker. Some can take you to scenic waterfalls, others lead to the solitude many yearn for.

Chattanooga is the site for the 20th American Trails National Symposium November 14th to 17th. The Symposium is billed as an opportunity to network with the nationwide trails community and learn state of the art trail planning, development, and management techniques.

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The public is invited to hear Dayton Duncan, the writer and co-producer of National Parks : America’s Best Idea. Dayton has been involved for many years with the work of documentary filmmaker Ken Burns. He will address the National Trails Conference on Wednesday Nov 17th at the closing luncheon from 12:15 – 2:00: “Celebrating our Public Lands : A Legacy for our Future. “

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