Monday, January 3, 2011

Bald Eagle Sightings in the Gorge

Tennessee Aquarium naturalist John Dever captured these bald eagle images on a recent "Critter Cruise" aboard the River Gorge Explorer. Not only did passengers see four different individuals on this one cruise, they got a great view of an immature bald eagle with one of its parents.
Here's John's description of the sightings. "We were out on a Critter Cruise, which was the first cruise of the day. At about 1:45pm, after already having stopped to observe two other bald eagles, I spotted the immature eagle flying across the river to a tree. It joined what we can safely say is its parent/adult. As I was shooting a photo of these eagles, a pileated woodpecker flew directly over the boat."

According to Dever, it did not appear that the younger eagle was being fed even though the picture gives the impression that it was begging for some food.
While we can't guarantee sightings like this, winter is a great time to spot bald eagles in the Tennessee River Gorge.
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Cherie said...

these are beautiful pictures....we are so blessed to have these amazing birds back in the TN Valley