Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Warm Up Inside - Tennessee Aquarium is open.

The Tennessee Aquarium is open today. After a day spent shoveling snow, it was nice to be surrounded by tropical warmth and bright color inside Ocean Journey.
For many people, driving will remain hazardous for quite awhile if the weather turns out as forecast. For others, life is slowly returning to normal.
If you happen to venture to the Aquarium for a photo safari today, or in the coming days, here's a tip. If your camera lens gets cold, you may experience a foggy lens. This is especially true in the warm and humid Butterfly Garden. To counter this, simply walk back to the entrance to the exhibit and hold your camera up to the blowers by the door. Usually the lens will warm and the fog will dissipate in a couple of minutes. This also helps you avoid scratching the lens or damaging the lens coating.

These brightly colored tropical fish were a welcome change to the blanket of white outside the Aquarium.
(Click this photo to see the full-sized image of the maroon clown fish. The detail reveals the scales on this gorgeous fish.)

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