Thursday, February 17, 2011

Colt Ford at the Tennessee Aquarium

Thanks to US101 for bringing Colt Ford to Chattanooga to help raise funds for the Sharrock Family. Michael, Cindy and Patrick Sharrock will soon have a new home thanks to ABC's Extreme Makeover Home Edition and the generosity of thousands of people.

Proceeds from Ford's sold-out concert inside the Tennessee Aquarium's River Journey Auditorium will help pave the way for a new life for the Sharrocks.

Once the glasses went on, Colt absolutely rocked the house with his brand of toe-tappin' country. He thrilled the audience with many of his hit songs, stopping along the way to field questions from the audience.
Entertainers get paid to bring audiences to their feet. But when you witness a Colt Ford performance, you can tell he and the other band members are having as much fun as their fans. It takes people with big hearts to take time out of their busy schedules to play a benefit concert such as this.
The official theme for this Extreme Makeover is "Big Hearts Wear Hard Hats," but for at least one night that changed slightly to Big Hearts Wear Cowboy Hats.
Colt didn't leave the Aquarium until he had posed with every fan and signed autographs for every single person in attendance.
Colt mentioned how much he enjoys the Tennessee Aquarium. "I love it," said Ford. "I bring my kids here all the time."
Thanks for coming to Chattanooga and being a celebrity who's willing to lend your special gift of talent to help a worthy cause.

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