Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Eurasian Eagle Owl Wows Tennessee Aquarium Visitors

 Free flight bird shows are some of the thrilling programs Tennessee Aquarium visitors may see at Ranger Rick's Backyard Safari. Yesterday a young visitor volunteered to sit on stage during a program with a Eurasian eagle owl.
 "Archimedes," one of the Eurasian eagle owls gets a ride on Cassie's hand, greeting guests with those beautiful eyes.
 At the far end of the gallery, Archimedes finds his perch overlooking the audience. Throughout the program visitors learn general owl facts and information specific to Eurasian eagle owls.
 Owls are known for silent flight. Archimedes has a wingspan of nearly six feet, yet he hardly makes a sound as he flies across Ranger Rick's Backyard Safari.
 What you will hear are the sounds of excited visitors as this amazing bird flies within inches of the guests.
Especially the young visitor who was ready to take a picture of his landing spot. She was totally unaware that this huge owl was going to come up from behind with a silent gust of air. Landing perfectly, Archimedes looks around at all of the smiling and laughing visitors and must think, "What's all the excitement about? I do this all the time." But how many people get to have an owl, especially one this large, swoop past them on cue?

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