Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Walking Distance at the Tennessee Aquarium

We received a great question the other day. Someone wanted to know, "What is the total walking distance from beginning to end, top to bottom of the Aquarium?" Curious to know the answer, we asked Gene Dwyer, the Aquarium's visitor services manager, to measure the distance. Using a rolling tape measure similar to the one pictured below, Gene started measuring at the River Journey front entrance. He followed the visitor path through Seahorses and Ranger Rick's Backyard Safari and up to the Cove Forest. From there he followed the Aquarium's self-guided path through the River Journey building and across to Ocean Journey. Traveling through the Tropical Cove, Butterflies, Penguin's Rock, Gene wound his way through the rest of Ocean Journey to the exit where he came up with the final answer. Any guesses?
Gene measured a walking distance of 3,866 feet!

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