Monday, July 4, 2011

Finding the Red, White and Blue at the Tennessee Aquarium

Celebrate the 4th of July at the Tennessee Aquarium by going on a star-spangled scavenger hunt. Score one point for each animal you find that's either red, white or blue. Two points each for creatures with red, white or blue in their name. At Ranger Rick's Backyard Safari you could have fun popping up in the NEW piranha pop-up tank and score two points for coming face-to-face with red-bellied piranhas. (Two points!)

Have you ever seen these guys eat? It's awesome!

Red-fronted macaws also fly overhead in Ranger Rick's Backyard Safari. (Have fun scoring two more points when Holly flies overhead.)

Squirrelfish in the Secret Reef have red coloration. (One point.) Or look in the Tennessee River Gallery for the redline darter. (And score two points.)
 Eastern king snakes aren't supposed to be white, but if you look closely in Ranger Rick's Backyard Safari, you might see this albino snake when it appears with one of our animal experts. Without natural pigmentation, this particular snake might have been easy prey in the wild. (Good eyes! One point.) You might meet a White's tree frog at Ranger Rick's Backyard Safari or have a white angled sulphur butterfly land on you in the Butterfly Garden. (Find both animals and score four more points!)
Blue poison dart frogs can be found in Discovery Hall. (Two more points.) The are in the same exhibit with yellow & blue poison dart frogs. (Two MORE points!) and yellow-banded poison dart frogs.

The hyacinth macaws are blue. (Technically, one definition of hyacinth refers to a shade of blue that's a light violet to moderate purple. So we'll give you 1.5 points for spotting the largest members of the parrot family.) A full two-point score goes to those who spot eastern bluebirds in the Cove Forest. Score two more points at Ranger Rick's Backyard Safari if you spot Tiki, one of the blue-headed macaws.

With two buildings full of amazing animals from around the world, you'll have plenty of fun as you explore each exhibit searching for the red, white and blue of the natural world.

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