Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Gentoo Penguin Birthday Celebration at the Tennessee Aquarium

 Birthday cakes take on a different look when you are "baking" a surprise for a penguin birthday party. Tennessee Aquarium aviculturists made this heart shaped fish cupcake for "Peep's" 20th birthday today. The recipe is pretty simple. Mix a handful of savory smelt with enough water to fill a baking pan. Let stand in a freezer overnight. Voila! Penguin cupcakes. (Two pans serve 21 gentoo and macaroni penguins.)
 Peep, seen in the hot pink flipper bands, was curious about the treat. However, that interest quickly turned toward her favorite past-time - swimming.

 Everyone in the Penguins' Rock gallery enjoyed the celebration. They learned fun facts about Peep and the other penguins at the Tennessee Aquarium.

We'd like to invite you to visit our "surfing penguins" during the Aquarium's Tropical Holiday Adventure. Or check in on these little characters anytime by viewing the Penguins' Rock webcam.

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