Friday, January 13, 2012

Tennessee Aquarium Octopus to be Featured on Nat Geo Wild

 It was, "Lights, camera and action!" at the Tennessee Aquarium this morning. Medusa, a giant Pacific octopus, was being moved from the quarantine room in the River Journey building to her new home in the Boneless Beauties gallery in Ocean Journey.
Medusa will soon star in an episode of a new series that is scheduled to run on National Geographic Wild. A production team from Sharp Entertainment was in Chattanooga for two days working on this program.
 Giant Pacific octopus are really amazing animals that Aquarium guests truly enjoy. Although some visitors might initially think these creatures are kind of creepy, their impressions quickly change after talking to our animal experts or docents. Once guests discover that cephalopods are very intelligent, and begin to understand their unique adaptations, they usually walk away big octopus fans. Now, they'll have a "TV Star" to get excited about.
 While we don't yet know when Medusa will be seen on Nat Geo Wild, you can keep an eye on their program schedule this spring - the earliest time this episode might air. But we'll also try to keep you updated through our Facebook page, Twitter feed, and of course here in our blog.
While Medusa, and the Aquarium's other giant Pacific octopus Minerva, won't be signing any autographs, you may see them manipulating jars filled with crab or fish. You might also see them playing with a Mr. Potatohead or other enrichment item.
Until Medusa's world premiere, enjoy this short video clip of a truly wonderful animal - the giant Pacific octopus.

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