Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day Birthday Celebrated at the Tennessee Aquarium

Happy birthday to Jerrod Conley of Chickamauga, GA. According to his mother, this is his 3rd and 12th birthday. "We've been Tennessee Aquarium members for two years now, but we've never been on the Backstage Pass before," said Mrs. Conley. "Jarrod wanted to come to the Aquarium and go behind the scenes, so we took the day off today to do it."
Jerrod had a great day visiting all of the animals and exhibits. At the end of the Backstage Pass tour he got to meet a mossy frog and a White's treefrog, shown above. His favorites Leap Day creatures? "The frogs were awesome, but the penguins were my favorite," said Jerrod. He also said that having a having an official birthday once every four years isn't a problem. "You get used to it after awhile."

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