Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Animal Art From Some Happy Keeper Kids - Thanks!

 George Bartnik, the Aquarium's Education Programs Manager, had a fun experience recently. Two young ladies had so much fun during their Spring Break Keeper Kids activities that they were inspired to create these works of art. George said they simply walked up to him with big smiles and gave him these pictures to say, "Thank You."
 So we wanted to share these drawings with everyone and say a big,  "Thanks!" to Naomi and Melissa. We think they did a great job.
 Bartnik reports seeing lots of happy faces including, "One little boy who came by absolutely gleaming, saying 'That was great!'"
 There's still plenty of time to go behind the scenes to explore the Tennessee Aquarium as Keeper Kids. These activities are being offered through April 8th. 
We would also like to say thanks to WUTC-FM's Rabbit Zielke who recently interviewed David Mizejewski for "Around and About." David is a naturalist with National Wildlife Federation. He recently visited the Tennessee Aquarium to see Ranger Rick's Backyard Safari. Animal programs, like those offered at the Tennessee Aquarium, play an important role in sparking an interest in nature. Listen the interview here.

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