Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Aquarium Members Capture Amazing Animal Action in Africa

 Tennessee Aquarium members Donna Bourdon (right) and Beverly Still (left) were part of a group travel adventure to Botswana, led by Charlie Arant, Aquarium president and CEO, in late 2010 when they captured some incredible images.
 As an avid amateur photographer, Donna takes some stunning shots like this dazzling lilac breasted roller.
 When Donna is busy snapping pictures, Beverly is usually zeroing in on the action with a video camera. (Note the leopard sleeping in the tree behind them in the shot above.)
While in South Africa they were able to capture a dramatic life and death struggle between a crocodile and a water buffalo. Their footage quickly garnered the attention of the producers of, "Caught in the Act," a nature program that features spectacular footage from around the world which airs on National Geographic Wild. The premiere for this episode is tonight at 8 pm eastern. Producers came to Chattanooga to interview Donna and Beverly about their trip and this unforgettable experience.

Learn more about the Tennessee Aquarium's travel adventures, including an upcoming trip to Mongolia, go to:


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