Tuesday, July 3, 2012

4th of July at the Tennessee Aquarium

 The Tennessee Aquarium is saying, "Three Cheers for the Red, White and Blue" over the 4th of July weekend.Guests are invited to search for creatures that fit the theme. So here's a few animals to get your "eagle eyes" trained and ready for this patriotic underwater adventure.

The rose sea star can be found in the Boneless Beauties gallery in the Ocean Journey building. You'll find this animal living with another multi-legged creature that is sometimes red, occasionally white, but rarely blue. Can you guess which animal?

 Leucistic alligator gar are ghostly white and stand out among the other impressive fish within the new River Giants exhibit. Learn more about these special fish while watching this video.
 The blue poison dart frog is a visitor favorite. This amphibian can be found feeding next to other colorful frogs in the Discovery Hall gallery in the River Journey building.
When you first enter the Cove Forest exhibit at the top of the River Journey building, you might hear a cardinal calling. Spend a few minutes bird watching in the Cove and you'll also see the bright red feathers of the scarlet tanager.
Many guests find it relaxing to enjoy the gentle ballet performed by moon jellies in the Jellies: Living Art gallery. These sea creatures are white, but according to senior aquarist Sharyl Crossley, they have touches of  red at times. "After I feed them, their stomachs appear red," said Crossley. Look for a fireworks-like display of color in the sea walnuts exhibit.
The blue morpho is one of the largest butterflies in the Aquarium's Butterfly Garden. Tiny scales on their wings give these beautiful insects a patriotic hue.

How many red, white and blue animals can you find at the Aquarium? Or in the IMAX films, "The Last Reef 3D" & "To The Arctic 3D." Bald eagles and other red, white and blue animals can also be seen from aboard the River Gorge Explorer. And our naturalists report the sunset cruises have been really beautiful.

Chattanooga will be an exciting place to be this weekend. The Lookouts are at home with fireworks tonight. Which means it's a double-header of fireworks thanks to the amazing display during "Pops on the River." Then come to the Aquarium Plaza for the 4th of July Night Market. More than 50 local vendors will have their best arts and crafts available. Entertainment begins at 11 am and lasts through 9 pm.

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