Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Salute to the Tennessee Aquarium's 20-Year Volunteers

The Tennessee Aquarium has been privileged to have so many people give their time and share their talents since opening to the public on May 1st, 1992. We'd like to thank all of our volunteers who work tirelessly assisting staff behind-the-scenes as well as interacting with our visitors. Their effort to go the extra mile is one of the many reasons the Tennessee Aquarium is rated the highest Aquarium in the nation for overall visitor satisfaction.

A special thanks goes out to those who have been part of the volunteer corps since the beginning. These individuals are active throughout the community in many ways. Non-profit institutions like the Aquarium simply couldn't function without dedicated volunteers who choose to contribute both service and financial gifts. 

(In no particular order.)
 Beverly Kriewald - Horticulture
 Wanda Wilmoth - Docent
 Shelby Kaplan - Horticulture
 Kathy Whiddon - Docent
 Bill Godsey - SCUBA Diver
 Sandra Standefer - Horticulture
 Gwen Harris - Husbandry Special & Docent
 Dennis Harris - Husbandry Special
 Mary Holland - Horticulture & Membership
 Sylvia Saloshin - Docent
 Clara Shepherd - Docent
 Mary Lillian Smith - SCUBA Diver
 Everett Kerr - Horticulture
Susan Carson - Horticulture

Not Pictured: Pat Carson, Betsi Pryor and Peggy Moore.

 If you'd like to join our enthusiastic team of volunteer docents - now is the time. Apply to become an adult  volunteer docent by Friday, September 14th.

We'll begin training the fall docent class on Tuesday, September 25th. You'll learn all the insider information to answer visitor questions about playful penguins, feisty otters, giant freshwater fish and toothy sharks. You'll enjoy interacting with people from around the world and benefits such as a FREE Aquarium Family Membership.

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