Monday, September 17, 2012

Aquarium Volunteer Shares a Gift

The rainy weather in Chattanooga has many people toting umbrellas or wishing they had one. Tennessee Aquarium volunteer Louis Spencer used his umbrella for shade on a recent trip overseas. You might enjoy seeing his pictures and reading about the gift he left for others. 

 "Volunteers really appreciate the gifts that we get (from the Aquarium) every year," wrote Louis Spencer. "I took your umbrella to Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan."
 "I usually carry an umbrella when I trek in the mountains due to the intense sun. These pictures are on a trek to the Tiger's Nest, which is at 11,000 ft in central Bhutan."
"The Tiger's nest is a temple that was built on this cliff (above) where a monk meditated in a cave and became enlightened. I left the Aquarium umbrella on the alter as an offering."

Thanks Louis for sharing your story and images. It looks like a fantastic trip.


Jack Cruz said...

WOW! Such a nice place to visit. Thanks for the share.

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The Aquarium Blogger said...

Thanks for the comment. Hope you continue to follow the blog and the Aquarium's Facebook page.