Saturday, February 2, 2013

Groundhog Day 2013 - Chattanooga Chuck's Forecast

Chattanooga Chuck’s 2013 Forecast
On the second day of February I’m put to the test.
A diligent groundhog always strives for the best.
Forecasting weather takes skill and a bit of good luck.
To determine if we need sandals or a pair of muk-luks.
My Aquarium pals always help with this chore.
Groundhogs aren’t the only critters with weather folklore.
I first checked with my friend, little “Blinky” the owl.
If he hoots and hollers, the weather turns foul.
Giant catfish are barometers or something akin.
A cold winter is coming if they have really thick skin.
The American lobster was moving around in full view.
That’s a sure sign of springtime if the folklore is true.
I stopped by a waterfall to observe all the trout.
When they refuse bait, a storm is about.
An urchin forecasts bad weather or so it’s been said,
if he thrusts into the mud like an ostrich burying its head.
I stopped to listen for any frogs that were croakin’.
If they speak three times, then winter has broken.
Parrots and sharks, butterflies and stingrays
All have weather proverbs, but they don’t have a day.
So it’s up to this Groundhog to be weatherwise,
I’ll trust in my senses and just use my eyes.
I’ve searched high and low and what did I see?
Something seems to be missing, a shadow of me.
Many people will celebrate and some start to sing,
‘cuz Chattanooga Chuck predicts….an early spring!

Visit the Tennessee Aquarium to meet ChattanoogaChuck’s Storm Team of Animal Friends.

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Adelbert Enriquez said...

Wow this is a lovely poem, groundhogs, I wish to see one of them someday, you are so artistic, I really think of it as a poem and not a story, you did a great job! I am so amazed by how you construct words!
Very Intelligent person!

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