Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Penguins Preparing for Nesting Season at the Tennessee Aquarium

Preparations begin this week for penguin nesting season at the Tennessee Aquarium. Tomorrow, the pool will be dropped in order for aquarium staff to clean the exhibit and give each animal a quick health exam – leaving the penguins exhibit closed for the day.

When their space is fully prepared and each penguin is given a clean bill of health, rocks will be placed inside the exhibit for the penguins to begin their nesting (around April 1). During this time, the penguins will build nests, woo their mates and get ready to lay eggs. 

Once the rocks are placed in the exhibit, kids can watch the nest building process first hand during the Behind the Scenes Penguin Peek – part of our Keeper Kids spring break program running now through April 15. Visitors can also get a closer look at this process during our Breakfast with the Penguins event on Saturday, April 6, when nesting behavior will be in full swing.

Check back here soon for updates and keep your fingers crossed for new chicks to be welcomed at the Tennessee Aquarium later this year!

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Mike Carter said...

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