Monday, April 1, 2013

April 1: Photos from Two Sources Show Sasquatch-like Creature in the Cove Forest

This morning, the Tennessee Aquarium received two photographs of what seems to be a Sasquatch-like figure inside the Cove Forest of the River Journey building. The figure in the photos appears to stand over five feet tall, walks upright and is covered in brown fur.

The first photo was taken by a horticulture volunteer at the entrance to the Cove Forest before the aquarium opened for the day.  In this photo, only the lower half of the creature’s body was captured.

Shortly after receiving the first photo, a second one was turned in by an anonymous visitor. In the second shot, the creature can be seen above the waterfall to the right of the otter exhibit. 

Aquarium staff is looking into these strange sightings. “We have never had a Bigfoot sighting in the Aquarium until today,” said Kevin Calhoon, the Aquarium’s assistant curator of forests. “Although it’s hard to believe, I can understand why a Bigfoot might feel right at home in the Cove Forest exhibit.”  A quick check of records determined that Bigfoot sightings in the wild typically occur in early March. Calhoon and others hypothesize that this creature, which appears to have a winter “brown phase” coat, might have stayed in hibernation during the recent cold weather and chose April 1st to emerge from its den.

Look for Twitter updates throughout the day @TNaquarium as more information becomes available. You may also upload your bigfoot images to our Facebook page.  


danny agustin perez said...

this is incredible! :)

danny agustin perez said...

this is incredible! :)

John G. Coster said...

The first picture looks dubious, but I have no doubt about the creature's existence. I had a very strange protracted encounter in western Mass and felt compelled to write a book about it.I actually had studied both anthropology and human evolution at Harvard and figured that such a creature was very plausible though its elusiveness is very hard to explain. Glad to see
you folks not being dismissive of the subject. Best regards, John Coster

GiaPet F. said...

Fake. Look at the feet. It's black.

God Is Great said...

The first photo is some kid in a gorilla costume. First, it looks like the individual is wearing Herman Munster shoes. Secondly, this individual has short and thin legs. It is so obvious this is some kid in a costume. The second photo is so blurred you can't get a clear image of anything. I believe in Bigfoot but I don't believe neither photo has a real Bigfoot in them.