Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Williams Island Family Adventure Cruise is Fun for Everyone – Especially Kids!

For a limited time, the Williams Island Family Adventure Cruise is setting off daily at 12:30 and taking families on a journey to the “Gateway to the Gorge”. On this 90 minute cruise, the River Gorge Explorer circumnavigates scenic Williams Island while a naturalist guide helps adventurers spot wildlife and special landmarks.

Kids get a special scavenger hunt sheet on which they can record things they see including turtles, birds, rock formations and various plant life. They can even earn Eagle Eye stickers for spotting things from the boat. Guides create an educational experience that is great for kids by asking questions and encouraging discussion throughout the voyage.


Time is spent on each trip observing an osprey nest and heron rookery. Bald eagles, deer, muskrats, kingfishers, vultures, bobcats, coyotes, turtles and otters are often seen along the way. Guides also point out sites of Native American and Civil War history.

This special cruise runs through April 14. Visit the River Gorge Explorer page to learn more.


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