Wednesday, January 29, 2014

7 Animal Weather Forecasters Who Get Overshadowed on Groundhog Day

The legend of Groundhog Day claims that these furry forecasters – like our very own Chattanooga Chuck, above - have the power to predict the arrival of spring by simply looking for their shadow on February 2.  But actually, several other animals are found in folklore to have weather forecasting abilities (but obviously not-so- great press agents).

1. Frogs

An old Zuni Indian proverb states that frogs croak louder and longer right before heavy rain. (Can you guess which species of frog is making the sound in the video above?)

2.     Fish 

Brook trout at the Tennessee Aquarium

Some folklore says that fish are more likely to jump and eat flies right before rain. However, other legends say that they are more likely to head for deeper waters, seeming less active.

3.   Sea Urchins

Pencil urchin in Seahorses gallery

It is said that sea urchins bury themselves in mud or sand before a storm.

4.    Sharks

Sandbar shark

Sharks and other ocean-dwelling fish are believed to swim out further to sea when stormy weather is approaching.

5.    Butterflies
Tennessee Aquarium Butterfly Garden

The early appearance of butterflies is said to indicate fine weather. No butterflies or bees in a flowerbed can mean bad weather.

6.     Eels

Marbled eel in River Giants exhibit

Freshwater eels can become more active right before rain. (However, their saltwater cousins are more likely to live in deeper water and don’t feel the barometric pressure change as easily.)

7.      Birds

Yellow breasted chat

Birds flying high signal clear skies while lower flying fowl means a storm could be looming.

Don't be the last to know on Groundhog Day, follow @ChattNoogaChuck on Twitter for an up to the minute news on his 2014 forecast.


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