Sunday, February 2, 2014

Chattanooga Chuck Makes Groundhog Day Prediction for 2014

This Groundhog Day is pretty unique,
with the big game on tv, and snow this past week!

What’s a groundhog to do when his time comes around,
and it all hangs on whether his shadow is found?

Should we all keep our boots on, or reach for our sandals?
These are questions this furry forecaster can handle.

But a matchup between Broncos and Seahawks is stranger.
Predicting a winner put my own record in danger.

Mess up on both means I’d go “Oh-Fer,”
and I’d be humbled like a silly old gopher.

So first I reached out to my friend Peanut the possum.
His football game picks are always quite awesome.

He shared some of his wisdom and to him I’m in debt,
for adding “seasonal sports analyst” to my skill set.

After Peanut, I visited the rest of my weather team,
to decide if warmer weather is coming, or only a dream.

First to the brook trout, which legend will say
all refuse to bait when a storm’s on the way.

Next with the screech owl, I sat for a spell.
He hoots extra loud before rain, folklore tells.

I stopped by the frogs to have a short listen.
When winter warms up, their croaks often quicken.

But February 2nd is called Groundhog Day
So I’ll have to go by what my own instincts say.

My Super Bowl pick goes out to Denver.
This Tennessee native hopes Peyton will deliver.

And speaking of deliveries, what will Mother Nature send? 
I see something that looks like my friend.

YIKES! It’s my shadow and you know what that means.
Six more weeks of chill before things get warm and green.

Groundhog Day fun for kids! Download some folklore forecaster game pages before visiting the Tennessee Aquarium during February.

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