Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Five Crazy Animal Mating Facts (in Honor of Valentine’s Day)

1. A male seahorse becomes “pregnant” and gives birth after a female passes her eggs to him for fertilization.

Watch a seahorse birth in the video below!

2. You can tell the sex of an octopus by looking at its arms. Males have one arm without suction cups. (Can you tell if the octopus in the Vine below is a girl or boy?)


3. Rising global temperatures could cause alligators to produce more male eggs per nest. 

4. Special lighting at Penguins’ Rock simulates the changing lengths of daylight  that our penguins would experience throughout the year in nature. This helps to trigger courtship behavior. At the appropriate time each spring, our keepers introduce rocks to the exhibit. As soon as they do, the penguins get to work building their nests (and breeding).

Watch this process in the video below:

5. Female sea turtles return each year to the beach where they hatched to lay their own eggs. 

The Tennessee Aquarium has two (male) sea turtles – Stewie (shown below) and Oscar, a rescued turtle with a special swimming style and story.

Want to learn more about animal courtships or have a question you’ve always wanted to ask when visiting the Aquarium? Join us for Uncensored: Tennessee Aquarium After HoursThe evening festivities will include a wacky costume photo booth (bring your smartphone), animal presentations by aquarium educators, games and chances to win silly prizes. Our UNCENSORED event is a social experience to be held in the River Journey lobby and Seahorse Gallery. 

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